In Kitek work with a team of highly qualified professionals brings experience, talent and professionalism. We surround ourselves with the best professionals to get the best results.




- Ana García Toni, architect

- Alfredo Rosado Rodríguez, architect

- Círculo Azul Arquitectura, Jorge Granell, architect

- Fabrice Osuna Cangas, architect

- Natalia Reglero López, architect

- Raimondo Beccu, architect

- Impulsa 360, Pablo Guadaño / Ajlai Fernández Topographical engineers / Photography 360

- IASEG Consulting, engineering, consulting and training




- Construcciones Ferveral

- Incalsan Calefacción, plumbing and heating

- Perfiles Madrid, galvanized steel structures

- Hermanos Segovia, Electricity and lighting

- Juan José Manzano, painter




- Showin, web and graphic design

- Verónica Fernández, journalist